Finally, the end of Jive.

Just a few weeks ago Jive Software (not Jive, the VoIP provider) announced that they're being acquired by Aurea. The price shows that it's pretty much an "exit while we can" kind of sale and nobody is excited. The fact that Aurea gathered a fair bit of bad rep doesn't »

Boonex adds Rocket.Chat to Dolphin and Trident

Boonex Dolphin is a social networking platform, or a social site solution rather. It has all the bells and whistles, apps, extensions, servers, everything. It's a massive package that does it all. Now it adds an integration of the coolest web-chat platform on the market - Rocket.Chat. It's a »

AdvanDate is completely revamped, says Rick Jacobson.

Rick Jacobson, Director of Operations at AdvanDate, LLC. approached me today to note that AdvanDate is getting back on track. In his own words... We are (AdvanDate, LLC) and we acquired and a few months ago (July 31, 2015). We have taken the »

As long as you don't choose, anything is possible.

Humans have innate tendency to commit. We choose a favourite something all the time. Town to live in, pants to wear, smartphone to tap and blogging system to publish with. Companies that create brands know this very well and work hard to manipulate our minds into committing the their brands. »

What is social software anyway?

What can we say social software is? A lot of words and concepts can form a whole lot of meanings of “social software” it’s an unclear, expansive, blurry word. Social software does not have an objective and exact definition, so after a whole lot of close observation I was »

What's happening in the world of social software?

First post on social software! This blog is not going to be just about our own BoonEx Dolphin. It's about any social software. Social CMSs, forums, wikis, chats, groupware, comment plugins, anything that's facilitating people's communication, sharing and connection. I will be posting whatever there is to share and sounds »