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So, even for those of us who can’t personally witness Salome’s dance, the fifth veil surely will fall. It will fall at the moment of our death. As we lie there, helpless, beyond distraction, electricity stealing out of our brains like a con man stealing out of a sucker’s neighbourhood, it will occur to many of us that everything we ever did, we did for money. And at that instant, right before the stars blink off, we will, according to what else we may have learned in life, burn with an unendurable regret—or have us a good silent laugh at our own expense. (Tom Robbins. Skinny Legs and All.)

Castle Hill United Football Club – Norwich Team


Everything consists of only 2 particles.

Everything consists of only 2 particles. Or, in other words there are only 2 particles that contain everything. They exchange energy and thus create an infinite number of visualisations and perceptions, such as good/bad things, people, lives, meanings. Due to a large number of interactions those particles can’t achieve any balance, since once they give out something they can’t contain they receive something else and that process goes on. This perpetual imbalance is what creates life.

Good or bad, good and evil, birth and death, woman and man – these constructions exist only on the level of our bio-molecular perception. Energy, however, is neither good nor bad, neither male nor female – it’s fluid, ever-changing and eternal.

Einstein was very close, suggesting that everything is relative. We should accept it in a very broad understanding – not only facts or time is relative – even existence is relative. What’s good for one is bad for another, what’s there for one is not there for another, what’s today for one is tomorrow for another. We are flickers of energetic vibrations of two primordial particles (if we can say “primordial”, considering how hay are not something that’s governed by concepts of time or matter). They are groupings of energy. They seem to be longing for a balance and create somewhat similar types of energy “charges”. Hence, no wonder that there’re are about as many men as there’re women; as much stupidity as there is wisdom; as much enlightenment as there’s endarkenment. Things seem to be close to a full balance, but it’s never, ever, ever achieved.

So, “we are one” after all, huh? Not really. We’re two. And yet, we are the same two. All of us. Strip the nirvanic deceptions of time and you realise that there’s no body and no mind – there’s only energy – one bloody vivid spark that devises parrots, iphones, our minds, our “complex” fears and our simple wishes. Heck, even planets, stars, galaxies – all of them, including our understanding of space and dimensions – they are shapes of this energy interchange.

Interestingly – every “charge” that’s moving to or away from one of the particles belongs to both of them at he same time. It’s affected by both, and it’s never going to settle.

This, and a little bit of “fuck it, I don’t know” is how I see the world now.

The reason I stopped using Nike+ and went for Runkeeper – Flash

After almost 400km logged at Nike+ (with 7th place in Australia for fastest 10km :D ) I quit using Nike+ for good. I’m off to RunKeeper.

The main deciding factor is the Nike’s choice of Flash as the way to display their website. I’ve ranted about Flash before and this is a bright and bold proof of all the points conveyed.

Nike+ Flash site sucks because…

- I can’t login with 1Password (Flash login form, damn it)
- I can’t share links to my runs
- It won’t work on my iPad (and I blame Nike, not Steve Jobs)
- Every now and then pages don’t load, they just get stuck and keep you waiting

So, despite me liking the Nike+ GPS app and its cheesy comments after each run, I say bye. Runkeeper will now track my running, cycling, walking and mountain biking. Oh, I would also be able to annoy my Facebook friends with daily (I wish) status updates.

The best company ever

Late night

our mate

This guy (or gal) is hanging out outside of our house with his (or her) mates and seems be less and less scared of us, petty 2leggaz.

A day from life of one little boy…

The place we call home…

Photograph does not represent reality, because reality does not exist. We all perceive things differently, and even then our perception becomes memory and changes over time (and depending on the state of mind). Thus, it is only fair to alter your photos to make them look, but more importantly feel the way you see the image. Here goes…