The reason I stopped using Nike+ and went for Runkeeper – Flash

After almost 400km logged at Nike+ (with 7th place in Australia for fastest 10km :D ) I quit using Nike+ for good. I’m off to RunKeeper.

The main deciding factor is the Nike’s choice of Flash as the way to display their website. I’ve ranted about Flash before and this is a bright and bold proof of all the points conveyed.

Nike+ Flash site sucks because…

- I can’t login with 1Password (Flash login form, damn it)
- I can’t share links to my runs
- It won’t work on my iPad (and I blame Nike, not Steve Jobs)
- Every now and then pages don’t load, they just get stuck and keep you waiting

So, despite me liking the Nike+ GPS app and its cheesy comments after each run, I say bye. Runkeeper will now track my running, cycling, walking and mountain biking. Oh, I would also be able to annoy my Facebook friends with daily (I wish) status updates.

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