Finally, the end of Jive.

Just a few weeks ago Jive Software (not Jive, the VoIP provider) announced that they're being acquired by Aurea. The price shows that it's pretty much an "exit while we can" kind of sale and nobody is excited. The fact that Aurea gathered a fair bit of bad rep doesn't help either.

Jive has been losing ground for a while, and the rise of Slack accelerated the process. Yet, I for one, believe that it is greed that killed Jive. Here's why...

At Boonex and, now UNA we often hear from companies using Jive and looking for alternatives. We get to listen to plenty of griping and moaning about how the companies pay small fortunes to Jive every month only to get entangled in deeper contractual dependence and implementation mess. Said contractual obligations often prevent easy migration to another platform and management just chooses to keep rolling with Jive.

It simply shows how Jive is really good at Enterprise-level spear-sale tactics and negotiating lock-in contracts, while the product is largely neglected. One can get a better feature-set and more flexible core platform for 10% of what Jive is charging, and without the obscene 2-3 year contracts. For example, Bitrix24 will do more and better at $200 per month on Cloud, or 25K one-off fee for a completely unlimited on-prem setup. With Jive you pay for implementation and per-user ongoing fee, which often runs into tens of thousands dollars PER MONTH!

Oh well, good riddance luck to them.

P.S. I hear is next in line.