Comment to 'Best (or just decent) Open-source Dating Software Platforms'
  • Hey, sorry it took a while... (9 months... geez) to reply. Great going guys! Looks like you're doing all the right things. I do agree that mobile apps complicate things, though it may be difficult to make a case of not offering one in the market where people associate dating with apps like Tinder and Bumble, and not so much with sites like Match or POF anymore. Responsive UI solves that to a degree and perhaps is OK for niche instances, but we see that ultimately if you are going to power a medium-to-large site you'd have to provide an app. At least something that can enable push notifications for iOS - like a wrapper for your site, ReactNative or similar shell.

    UNA is doing very well, thanks for asking. We're steering more and more towards Enterprise-level and custom implementations - more work on each project, but better outcomes overall. Still shying away from dating though, instead of targeting projects with unique ideas, something out-of-the-box. We find it more engaging to use UNA as a framework rather than a CMS. in that sense, we can also have more synergy with other platforms, including yours. Take care and good luck.

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