Self is the moment between known and unknown, between order and chaos, between past and future. One does not exist in the past or in the future. One is the line in between them.  Self is attached to the known for it’s comforts of experienced qualities, for it’s tamed nature - the positive of the order. At the same time order is unfulfilling, boring and overly predictable - it is the arena for depression and stagnation - the negative of the order. Self is mesmerised by the chaos for its potential, it’s capacity to create, for the mystery and intrigue - the positive of the chaos. Chaos is also terrifying, unsettling, unpredictable, destructive - the negatives of the chaos. Whenever one dwells
This site will be used as my own personal social profile. All the other networks are meant to be aggregators or promotion channels, but they are not going to own my content and dictate rules of expression.  I strongly encourage everyone to do the same - reclaim your online persona - the identity that so many people see much more often than they see you in person. Use other social networks to share your original content if you want to reach out to your existing connections, but don't rely on a site that you don't own and don't control in any way.  I am using UNA Community Software to power this site, which MIT-licensed, open-source and free.  For now, it's just a personal site, but I also pla
Quite frequently I am asked about which dating software is the best for this or that. Every such conversation has its unique story, so generally there is no one universal answer. There are some considerations, however, that would be applicable in many, in not most cases. Here goes a real email exchange, which you may well relate to, if you're hunting for the best open-source dating script for your project... Hello Andrew, I hope it is OK if I write you. I found your email in the comments on your personal site. I have spent many hours trying to locate a new dating site script. We've used our current script for many years but it has always been horrible. It is a free site and we are open to so
What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? An intestinal worm? An idea. Resilient... highly contagious. Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it's almost impossible to eradicate. An idea that is fully formed - fully understood - that sticks; right in there somewhere. So, you've got yourself an idea? And it so happens that it includes launching your own community site, right? Well, you've come to the right guy. :) Community Software 101 In 2016 (almost 2017 now) we still don't have flying cars, but we do have plenty of ways to create "your own online community". Single-click services that let you launch a vanilla site, hosted by the software provider. Some will let you use yo
One might think that Chats are old news. We had IRC chats in 90s, feature-heavy web-chats in 00s, video chats in early 10s. And now we see chat craze happening all over again! The iOS 10 is almost all about the Messages app updates. Google brings Allo and Assistant. Facebook Messenger is getting more and attention, while the core app is stale. What is going on? You are being tricked. That's right, the Chats are not new. What we see now is not just another generation of Chat apps. It's the transformation of the entire social communication industry. FAST is not enough anymore. Everyone expects LIVE. Quite simply Chats are serving as a disguise medium to make people use social software with ins
Humans have innate tendency to commit. We choose a favourite something all the time. Town to live in, pants to wear, smartphone to tap and blogging system to publish with. Companies that create brands know this very well and work hard to manipulate our minds into committing the their brands. This allows a degree of leeway for them in providing real value. If you love Mercedes, you're going to buy the next model even if it's in many ways inferior to, say, Audi. When it comes to social software, of any kind, the same is true. We get attached to brands, in part because of the invested effort to understand them, and in part due to fear of change. Here's the deal... Don't Choose! In my own experi
Say, you have built an awesome cloud-service. Collaboration tool, some kind of analytics service or a fancy group chat. Chances are that you are going to have to offer a Trial. Typical, conventional, boring, "me-too" way of doing it is to offer a short term free access. 14 days or a month is what you see most of the time. This is fine if you just want to demonstrate your app/service. You could even collect credit card details right away and then hope they wouldn't notice the charges (dirty trick of the trade). If, however, you want to attract lots of Trial users, retain them for years and make them buy your services, well... do what the big boys do! Captivate! You need to captivate them. St
What can we say social software is? A lot of words and concepts can form a whole lot of meanings of “social software” it’s an unclear, expansive, blurry word. Social software does not have an objective and exact definition, so after a whole lot of close observation I was able to come up with few definitions. Personally, I am very passionate about the subject and feel like diving deep into exploration of the essence, roots, validity and practicality of what social software entails as a concept. To start with, we are going to look into how Webopedia defined social software... A type of software or Web service that allows people to communicate and collaborate while using the application. or (fr
Talking to you, Facebook Group Admin! You started this little community to discuss something important. It grew into a homely place that a few hundred people regularly visit, contribute to and rely on. Home Brew Enthusiasts, Fathers Against Abortion, Furby Fans Club... Whatever your group is about, if it's of any value to you - get busy moving it out of Facebook! There are plenty of reasons why, but I'll give you just 3... Reason 1: You Are Squandering Real Value Even small groups with simple goals are valuable. You can reach out to people quickly and effectively with a high chance of them listening. This can be used for promoting a cause, idea or product. If the group was under your full co
real title: Stubborn dating software providers that are still in business. This is not a collection of software reviews. It's more of an overview of key players in dating software industry and some insights on the idea of building a dating site with an off-the-shelf platform. White-label, open-source, downloadable dating software is, in a way, a thing of the past. Online dating space itself has consolidated under 2-3 major players, and niche sites are mostly parts of large shared-database networks. On top of that, popular trend of the day is to use mobile apps for dating (ala Tinder). So, wanna-be dating site operators are a dying breed and there's less and less activity on supply side eithe
Facebook Ads are in focus of great many web-marketing conversations now. One may almost get an impression that a new contender to Google throne is here. Not so fast! We have tried Facebook to promote BoonEx Dolphin a few times. Back in 2010, then in 2012 and again in 2015. Failing miserably every time. Let's examine... Social ads for social software - perfect fit? BoonEx target market is webmasters. Or wannabe webmasters. People that want to create niche social networks, online clubs, dating sites, etc. They don't have to be overly tech-savvy. In fact they just need to have general understanding of computers and social networking business. They just need to have an idea and desire to make th