3 Simple Reasons to Expatriate Your Facebook Group ASAP

Talking to you, Facebook Group Admin! You started this little community to discuss something important. It grew into a homely place that a few hundred people regularly visit, contribute to and rely on. Home Brew Enthusiasts, Fathers Against Abortion, Furby Fans Club...

Whatever your group is about, if it's of any value to you - get busy moving it out of Facebook! There are plenty of reasons why, but I'll give you just 3...

Reason 1: You Are Squandering Real Value

Even small groups with simple goals are valuable. You can reach out to people quickly and effectively with a high chance of them listening. This can be used for promoting a cause, idea or product.

If the group was under your full control, you could put your own ads on it. And there's no good reason to be modest here, because while you're playing a sycophant Facebook collects billions of advertising $$$ for showing banners to your group members.

Reason 2: You Are Gambling With People's Efforts

Facebook has full control over your group. They can shut it down any moment, for no reason and without explanation. And even if you think that your group can't possibly be breach of any TOS, there's still risk. Every message, every photo, every comment and all members can disappear on a whim of some stressed-out Facebook-staffer that doesn't like what you're up to.

Or, perhaps Mark decides your group agenda just isn't just. Easy enough to shovel it under some vague "Other abuse or harassment" clause and kick your all out.

Case in point: There are a few active groups discussing dangers of vaccination. Some turned into general communities sharing "natural living" advice. Now, Mark has been noticed slamming anti-vaccination activists. Naturally, hundreds of thousands of members in various groups are alarmed. Tools that connect them may vanish any day.

You see, even if you're prudent admin and your cause is innocent, there's always a chance that some psycho could post offensive content while you're camping. And, bam! No group.

Reason 3: You Can Do Better

It's 2015. Fantastic groupware platforms exist. Many offer significantly more powerful and engaging tools, real customisation and content ownership rights, monetising opportunities, and all while supporting Facebook authentication (in case you're worried that nobody would create profiles on your site).

Want to know which tools platforms to use and how to move your group? Stay tuned! I will be telling you exactly what to do in the next post.

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