As long as you don't choose, anything is possible.

Humans have innate tendency to commit. We choose a favourite something all the time. Town to live in, pants to wear, smartphone to tap and blogging system to publish with.

Companies that create brands know this very well and work hard to manipulate our minds into committing the their brands. This allows a degree of leeway for them in providing real value. If you love Mercedes, you're going to buy the next model even if it's in many ways inferior to, say, Audi.

When it comes to social software, of any kind, the same is true. We get attached to brands, in part because of the invested effort to understand them, and in part due to fear of change. Here's the deal...

Don't Choose!

In my own experience - we've been using Mailchimp for newsletters for years. Loved it. Didn't care to look elsewhere. Then, by chance, tried Groove, instantly boosting sales and client satisfaction rates. The change made us feel adventurous and ultimately we switched to Intercom, which reshaped the way we communicate with the community once and for all.

Should we stop looking? Hello no! We should keep experimenting, trying, failing and winning. Don't choose!

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